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(E & OE ) Information correct as of 17th January 2019 - please check back for updates or check out our facebook page.
Venue List: Blue: Village of Sixmilebridge Orange: Village of Bunratty Green: Bunratty Folk Park Adm.
Thursday 17th January
8:30pm Opening Concert  O'Gliasáin's Venue Diversus Guitar Quartet, Ger O'Donnell & Katie Theasby €15.00
10:30pm Trad Session  O'Gliasáin's Bar Sixmilebridge Folk Club Free
Friday 18th January
2:00pm  Meet & Greet Session  McGregor's Brendan Walsh MC - Visitors Welcome Free
5:30pm  Brendan's Pickers Session   Bunratty Castle Hotel  Brendan T. Walsh & guests Free
7:30pm  Bluegrass Gig  McGregor's Petersens Bluegrass Band (USA) Free
7:30pm  Trad Session  Ó Gliasáin's Bar Garryowen CCE Free
7:30pm  20th Anniversary Concert  The Courthouse Featuring Kate Purcell, Frankie Lane and guests €20
8:00pm  Flamenco  The Old House Cintron Bros. (USA) Free
8:00pm  Musical Dining to 10 p.m.  JP Clarke's Duo's & Trio's
10:00pm  Session  Casey's Brian Murray Free
10:00pm  Trad  Gilly's Brendan Bugler Free
10:30pm  Trad Session   Bunratty Castle Hotel Aisling Lyons & Friends Free
10:30pm Celtic Rock Gig  McGregor's The Led Farmers (CH) Free
10:30pm  Blues Gig  O'Gliasáin's The Catfish Blues Orchestra Free
10:30pm  Bluegrass  The Old House Munich String Band (DE) Free
11:00pm  Folk/Bluegrass Gig  Bunratty Manor Hotel John Nyhan & Friends Free
Saturday 19th January
Folk Park Music Day Folk Park Venue (FPV)
10:00am  Festival Walk & Comhrá Gaeilge   Oatfield Church  Súilóid Agus Comhrá Gaeilge Free
11:00am  Pickers Session  Ó Gliasáin's Venue Sixmilebridge Folk Club with guest Frankie Lane €5
Noon  Classical  The Corn Barn Diversus Guitar Quartet (FPV)
Noon  Flamenco  Castle Main Guard Cintron Bros. (FPV)
1:00pm  Preab Suas Gaeltacht  Ó Gliasáin's Bar Tim O'Shea agus a chairde Free
1:00pm  Session   McGregor's Randall's Folly Free
1:00pm  Bluegrass  The Corn Barn Petersens Bluegrass Band (USA) (FPV)
1:00pm  Trad  Tea Room Eugene Lamb (FPV)
1:00pm  Bluegrass  Castle Main Guard Munich String Band(DE) (FPV)
2:00pm  Ukelele  Castle Great Hall The Ukealadies (FPV)
2:00pm  Blues  The Corn Barn The Catfish Blues Orchestra (FPV)
2:00pm  Trad  Tea Room MEGA-Trad (FPV)
2:00pm  Classical  Castle Main Guard Diversus Guitar Quartet (FPV)
2:30pm  Singers' Session  Ó Gliasáin's Venue Kate Purcell & Liam Leahy €5
3:00pm  Flamenco  The Corn Barn  The Cintron Bros. (USA) (FPV)
3:00pm  Trad  Tea Room Eugene Lamb (FPV)
3:00pm  Bluegrass  Castle Main Guard Petersens Bluegrass Band (USA) (FPV)
3:00pm  Dance  Castle Great Hall Golden Star Morris Dancers (FPV)
3:00pm  Trad Session  Ó Gliasáin's Bar Brendan Bugler & Friends Free
4:00pm  Blues Session  McGregor's The Fake McCoys Free
4:00pm  Vocal  Castle Great Hall Purely Vocals (FPV)
4:00pm  Bluegrass  The Corn Barn Munich String Band (DE) (FPV)
4:00pm  Trad  Tea Room MEGA-Trad (FPV)
4:00pm  Blues  Castle Main Guard The Catfish Blues Orchestra (FPV)
5:00pm  Trad Session  The Old House Seán Lyons & Friends Free
5:00pm  Musical Dining to 10.00pm  JP Clarkes Duo's & Trio's
5:00pm  Poets' Corner  Durty Nelly's (Upstairs) Ó Bhéal with Guests Free
5:30pm  Jazz Gig  Bunratty Castle Hotel Jazzlite Free
6:00pm  Trad Session  Ó Gliasáin's Bar Niamh O'Donnell & Friends Free
7:00pm  Bluegrass Session  McGregor's Munich String Band (DE) Free
8:00pm  Trad Session  The Old House MEGA-Trad Free
8:00pm  The Metis Ireland Festival Concert  Bunratty Castle Hotel

Featuring Matt Molloy & John Carty with Arty McGlynn & Brian McGrath
Mick Hanly

8:30pm  Trad Session  Durty Nelly's  The Kirbys Free
9:00pm  Flamenco  Ó Gliasáin's Bar The Cintron Bros. (USA) Free
9:30pm  Bluegrass  Creamery Bar Petersens Bluegrass Band (USA) Free
9:30pm  Trad Session  Gilly's Randall's Folly Free
9:30pm  Singers' Session  Durty Nelly's (Upstairs) Purely Vocals & Golden Star Singers Free
10:00pm  Session  Casey's Trevor Sexton Free
10:00pm  Blues  McGregor's The Catfish Blues Orchestra Free
10:30pm  Gig  The Old House Spancil Hillbillys Free
10:30pm  Trad Session  Bunratty Castle Hotel Lobby Gael Force 4 Free
11:00pm  Celtic Rock Gig  Ó Gliasáin's Venue The Led Farmers (CH) Free
11:00pm  Bluegrass   Bunratty Manor Hotel Munich String Band (DE) Free
Sunday 20th January
11:00am  Festival Mass   St Finnachta's Church  Purely Vocals (USA) Free
Noon  Improvers Trad Session  Bridge Active Sixmilebridge Folk Club Free
1:00pm  Session  Bunratty Castle Hotel  Munich String Band (DE) Free
1:30pm  Session  Ó Gliasáin's Bar Aisling Lyons & Friends Free
1:30pm  Classical Recital   St Finnachta's Church  Diversus Guitar Quartet Free
1:30pm  Singers Session  Ó Gliasáin's Venue Ger O'Donnell & Katie Theasby €5
2:30pm  Jazz Gig  McGregor's Jazzlite Free
3:00pm  Bluegrass Concert  Sixmilebridge GAA Hall

Special Concensus (USA) & The Petersens Bluegrass Band (USA)

3:00pm  Blues Gig  The Old House The Catfish Blues Orchestra Free
3:00pm  Set Dancing   Bunratty Castle Hotel  Johnny Reidy Céilí Band (Teas served) €10
4:00pm  Musical Dining to 7pm  JP Clarkes Duo's & Trio's
4.00pm  Trad Session  Gilly's Gael Force 4 Free
4:30pm  Bluegrass Gig  Ó Gliasáin's Bar Petersens Bluegrass Band (USA) Free
4:30pm  Flamenco Gig  McGregor's The Cintron Bros. (US) Free
5:00pm  Bluegrass Session  Casey's Strings Galore Free
7:00pm  Gig  McGregor's Spancil Hillbillys Free
7:30pm  Trad Session  Ó Gliasáin's Bar MEGA-Trad Free
10:00pm  Bluegrass Jam  Bunratty Castle Hotel  John Nyhan & Friends Free
Monday 21st January
On Monday the festival mood continues with many impromptu sessions around the "Bridge" Free
8:00pm  Wind-down Session  Ó Gliasáin's Bar Sixmilebridge Folk Club Free
(E & OE ) Information correct as of 17th January 2019 - please check back for updates or check out our facebook page.

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